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نمط الحياة الترفيه
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Predictions is a new application allows you to know you destiny. Just break a fortune cookie and you’ll find out inside a small piece of paper with words of faux wisdom or a vague prophecy. Some fortunes are humorous, some inspirational, some religious and some are just... well weird. But which ever you find, it is all great fun.
Fortune cookies are very popular Chinese food usually served in Chinese restaurants as a dessert. A Chinese Fortune Cookie is a delicate lightweight wafer type biscuit folded in such a way as to enclose a slip of paper with a fortune written on it. It is these fortunes that make these fortune cookies so wonderful (some people dont even eat them, but just want the message).
Some historians believe that fortune cookies first appeared back in the 12th or 13th century when Chinese soldiers put a message written on rice paper inside Moon Pies to coordinate their defense efforts against Mongolian conquerors.
According to the legend, the Mongols had no idea how nut paste and lotus worked. So the Chinese managed to hide their message with the date of the rebellion and instructions to coordinate the actions inside Moon Pies by replacing the filling with a secret message. Nowadays Fortune cookies is a very popular desert. You may taste them almost everywhere!
So believe you or not, just taste them to see what destiny prepares for you today!